What is Conscious Mind?

Hi Beautiful People,

The Spectacular Workshop of Mind Scan, held in Mumbai / India,  last week explored the Phenomenal Opportunities to Heal Self and Transform Life

The participants walked in with goals of Healing Body,  Life Calling, Prosperity, Finding Clarity,  Enhancing Life Growth,  Relationship Healing,  Creating Abundance,  Mind Focus,  Creating Success,  Finding Self,  Establishing Inner Peace and Creating Life of Choices.

I would call this as a platter of Plethora!

Achieving this productivity, for the awesomly aware group,  was this seriously a difficulty?
It’s a pretty simple process.
Actually very simple  process!

I’ve been blessed to be the part of this Incredible Journey of Life with Miraculous Healing and Growing as an Abundance Creator for People across the Globe!

Just remember that Success is about a Masterful Consistency around the Basic Fundamentals from Life.
Life is available for all of Us! From Life whether You choose Complexity or Simplicity is “Totally Your Choice”!

The thing is that the vast majority of well-intentioned, decent and good people just don’t know what the epic performers know.

Schools teach Subjects.
Televisions teach news and distraction. Society teaches materialism and hedonism.
Life teaches the Lessons.

What would You Choose?  You create your blue print accordingly!

My choice is learning Lessons from Life.  To this quessential ingredient of Life,  I would choose to add Habits that becomes the base.

  • It’s habitual to be Successful.
  • It’s habitual to set my Goals.
  • It’s habitual to think Positive.
  • It’s habitual to Be Happy.
  • It’s habitual to be Prosperous.
  • It’s habitual to be Clear in Visions and Missions.
  • It’s habitual to be a Abundance Creator.
  • The list of habits continues…

How about setting the daily habits of the performance masters?
And the key step moves to make to get the big results you want?
Are there any if s and buts and then and was and there and later here?
These words for me are all Lame Excuses!

  • Excuses makes You Lame.
  • Lame makes You Limp.
  • Limp makes You fall in Life.
  • And then You blame Life.
  • And the Saga / Pattern continues.

Part of my passionately-held and emotionally-charged personal mission is to share the mindsets, practices and behaviors that Transforms Your Life!  Transform being You to Establish Incredible Life and create out a life that Truly and Incredibly Matters.

In today’s message, I want to share few of the habits I’ve personally used to do my best work and drive excellent results.

These habits are a little strange… it’s strange because it helps you to be uncommon!
Over years, it helped my clients realize elite personal performance, grow personal fortunes, positively influence communities and make the world a far better place.
So please stay open to trying them.
And applying them for the next 11 Days to 99 Days will surely wire you to be your New Self!

1) Set a Timer for Creativity – This Timer is to do World – Class Work.
One of days as a Personal Holiday,  set your hobbies moving in a one to two hour creativity.  I chose coloring,  gardening,  detoxifying with vegetables and fruits,  going out on a drive as one of the hobby. It clears you from within. To create,  You have to find Your Space Within.

2) Exercise – Famous People found the way upward to Life with Exercises.
I love the strange energy that I derive from Exercises. And so I choose Walks,  Gym,  Dance,  Yoga and anything that improves my Energy Dimensions.
Productivity Soars as the workout results in the release of good endorphins and cortisol that gives you the Wow factor to create the Phenomenal Life.

3) Give Time – To Your Loved Ones.  That’s the world I retire to.  I am blessed to be part of this Family. You learn the art of being responsible through you to the world.
Yes,  allowing responsibility is another master key to your success.
And everyone else,  who is not part of it,  please don’t hesitate to keep them out of your door.  We need spectators too in Life.

4) Talk to Yourself – Most of our thoughts are not conscious.  We think it is our thought, but it’s the conditioned thought that got acquired in your life from someone,  somewhere else.
We operate out of scarcity,  negativity,  limiting from our pre conditioned thoughts. This gives one victim speak talks.
Choose Your Thoughts.
My positive thoughts shapes my future. I create what I want with my thoughts.  I am free and happy to explore more. Always operating out of Abundance.

5) Failures is Productivity Matter –
Failing is stored as a problem.  Problem remains a problem as long as you choose to view it as a problem.
View your mental map.
I choose failure as an Opportunity.
Because,  the hidden manure allowed me to take the Leap ahead. This transforms my Reality of Productivity to the next higher level.

6) Gratitude – Gratitude for me is the value chain.  Create the habit of thanking everyone who you meet,  who serve you food,  a stranger who walked from your side and you felt good, thank your day, breath,  people,  health, anything else.
My personal experience with Gratitude is that,  it gives me blessings,  liberates me from my past,  helps me feel more confident and valuable.  Your value of Gratitude creates success.

7) Plan for the Week and the Month –
A man without a plan and a goal is in no man’s land!
The key to create planning results in outcomes that you desire.
It helps you to set goals,  aligns you to the synchronicity of Life and Higher Consciousness.
I love planning,  because it enhances my discipline to the next level.

Hope these strange habits of mine inspire you to install some new disciplines to your life.
We know,  we have lived millions of birth,  but I am aware of my Life Now.
Can I choose those millions of moments in this lifetime alone?
I have a choice.
What’s Your’s?