Depression! Are you exactly living your life???

So what is Depression ?

A few decipher it as an outcome of salt with hormonal imbalance (Dimaagi Chemical Locha,) some blame it on lifestyle and stress there out of it, a few others say it is to do with limiting health…

Only the gutsiest come out to admit yes, “I have depression and I choose to find a solution “

So Buddies , how does the mind rationale go towards this limiting condition which cripples your life? Go ahead, read on and make your own check list –
The first few symptoms when you begin to genuinely know that you are a victim of this condition is ,

1) When physically you are gaining ‘tyres’, around the length of your body, your work outs if any you are adhered to are no more working.

2) You are working for others , but your mind is no longer focused on what you are doing and you are genuinely unhappy about it.

3) At your personal space, you are alone, have lots to do , but you are unable to stop your tears.

4) You want to sleep , and your eyes are closed , but you are not sleeping but only thinking .

5) You begin to like darkness more and more and isolation of self becomes your partner .

You are reading gripped strongly to these lines , because you are going through it or someone you know is a victim to it.

Long before you experience physical symptoms of Depression , you have been battling the emotional quotient of it from within . And though the incidence of it is more in women , it is men who you see gets treated particularly because of society values that consider them prime .

There are many reasons in the scientific research that points toward the outcome of this limiting condition , however , the main outcome I have measured through clinical practice is that one is not genuinely happy .

Your life with birth into this world begins with air, light and thought . First two are provided by the Creator of this universe and thought which is totally within your understanding capacity .

Analyse , what’s not making you happy in your thoughts ?
A limiting career , a bad marriage , financial issues , victim of incest bondage , family who lives for making use of you, no friends , health limitations , abuse, or anything else ???
Map within how many years have you been
through it and how many years more you are willing to go through it?
Aaaarrrg! No is the answer thatz screeching from within Right ?

Dear , only you can know yourself . No other being can go through your grind ! So whatz the next LOA (Line of Action ).

1) Come out of the battle within. Affirm, ‘ I choose to break free from all limiting bandages “.

2) Exercise – Daily work out to reconstruct the God’s creative engineering within you . Even if you feel like to be on bed , come out every day for the sake of the beautiful you .

3) Drink lots of water , natural juices of fruits and vegetables as it’s only you who have the capacity of flushing out the toxins from your body.

4) When you are at the rock bottom of darkness , just keep your self hydrated , avoid eating as your body builds on the emotion you are feeding.

5) Affirm , “I allow the wisdom of my God to flow into me, I forgive my past, people who hurt me, abused me, victimised me, including myself , I forgive them all”

6) Connect with your Parents, your Children , Siblings and Friends who appreciate your existence in their life , and go out on a date with yourself , doing exactly what your desires are connecting you with .

7) Then affirm , “I accept my new found change and so in this state, i choose to outgrow all the limiting bonds I have been tied to” – work , life or thoughts .

8) Prioritise what does it take to really keep me happy ? And then affirm , “I choose to be happy , as I appreciate the flow of life growing within me , and that’s a gift to me from my God , through my parents and I shall not allow anyone to stamp upon it. I take charge of myself ”

9) Meditate and accept the darkest lessons of your life as it has the power to transform your tomorrow .

Folks, practice this in your personal space for the next few weeks , when you are about to break down by your self , when you pretend to sleep , but you are dwelling in your thoughts with no outcome . You will find your answer.

10) Finally , close the affirmation by reciting “Thank You So Much”, as this has the power to clear all your past and it relieves you instantly !

Have a Great Happy Day of Self Connect !