The effects of “Thank you so much ” in your life.

Last year in December 2014 , when I was attending my day clinic, walked in one of my clients with this Lord Buddha prayer, “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo “. Later as the days passed, the learning connected to it began to flow in. It meant harmony with oneself in life. However, have we known how to achieve harmony with oneself? Thousands of thoughts circulate within us in a single day, about chores of life, deeds of our past, people’s actions, reactions towards us, losses, gains, such that we are never really connected to our present. And when we are not there in the present, how can one be in harmony with self? To this few may suggest think positive, meditate, forgive those who have hurt you, though said, attempted, done, yet you experience one feeling, ‘It’s not complete ‘.

Then what is to be done? We are connected to a universe that is so evolved with the learning of beings, thoughts of development that is just linked to the inner consciousness of mind and so there is just one mantra that we need to practice in the enlightenment of mind and life ,

“Thank you so much “. By saying this you are choosing to release your past by standing in the present.

The past might have been good or bad, but do we need to live there?

By affirming “Thank you so much “, in complete sense one is getting connected to the wisdom mode called “Virajya ” and in this sense we no longer feed the ego of “Viveka = Emotions =Self gratification mode.

And with “Thank you so much “, the debts of ones soul and life is released, you experience harmony with your self and it is then where your real journey begins. In this journey you are unlimited, focused, true and eternal. All these r liberating and uplifting you.

So making “TYSM”your mantra is the way towards your self liberation, harmony and establishing your connect with happiness in life… So Buddies and Readers , Thankyou so much !