Life as a Teacher… How to obtain blessings from your Teacher???

Thank you my beautiful readers, some of you who requested me for a write-up on this topic, through different contexts…

We have been brought up with a belief system of always being connected to a teacher both logically and subconsciously. Thus our beloved Parents become our first teacher.

Mother says, “Listen to your Father”
Father says, “Listen to your Mother “.

This is in light to most common scenario. When there is a conflict amongst the parents due to their own relationship pressures, family members adding to the agony, or other sources, the conflict gets filtered into the consciousness of child or children as they develop trust, fear and guilt issues limiting their growth.

Now let me decode it with a simple example. A girl child brought up in such a scenario is already burdened with fear, guilt and trust issues .

Then she begins with her second connect with ‘Teacher ‘, when at school. When she is trying to gain some acceptance there through her subconscious projections , a failure or non performance gets judged in the sight of fellow mates and teachers who at times stick to their ‘favorite’ children. The Trust, Fear and Guilt then gets compounded with Lack of Self worth.

Then comes a stage of work and marriage. The lack of trust, guilt and self worth jacks up her connect and happiness with life. And when the partner she is married to is understanding, he guided her. And thus she walked into my clinic, needing to be healed. Through a session when she got connected to the teacher of her mind, she affirmed, ‘Then I was a child, but now I have grown up and so I choose to learn what the light of my life has to give me’, and thus she chose light over darkness. This was her real blessing, to outgrow from the darkness of ignorance to the light of acceptance and learning.

Beautiful readers, life as a Teacher gives you both experiences and learning. Some experiences may negative, but when wisdom is attained from the situation, you can easily choose to forgive the person, people or group connected to it. And what do you experience, is the flow of your life!

It’s the darkest and the deepest of experiences that turns out to be your best teacher and you turn out to be best student and learner of life.

Remember, parents as teachers, teachers from school are only limited to some points of life, but your mind as a ‘Teacher’ scores through your lifetime. So have a great connect with your Teacher within: