Prayers don’t work, why? How to get it working for you?

Have you ever thought, why your prayers have not worked most of the times and you began to have a disbelief with your connect called God? I begin to write on this topic with emotions of gratitude to few of my friends and clients who asked me for a write-up.

It is when one encounters personal problems that they begin to ask for favors from God. And then they expect God to create a magic by vanishing away their problems, because for most of us God is the miraculous creator. We then go ahead to set a deadline with God, A day, a week, a month or more, depending upon the intensity of the problem. But God seldom works with deadlines of the materialistic expectations.

You may ask Why?

God is only involved in His eternal, blissful, spiritual activities, but he has nothing to do with your materialistic activities and aspirations.

He is always neutral in the material activities of the created world and this state is known as “Udasina-Vat”.

Although, He has control over every minute detail of the material activities, He is neutral. He has nothing to do with your gain or loss.


The living entities take birth in different forms and species of life based on their past deeds and God does not interfere with them, but He has his designated hierarchy in the network of the vast metaphysical kingdom, who works along the consciousness of the individual soul.

Who are they and what is our role towards them in this hierarchy?

Let’s understand this from the earth level! We are blessed with senior members in our life who are the direct link to our consciousness of learning and they are our biological parents, grand-parents, families with in-laws as parents, any other person whom we connect in the regard of being a parent, and ancestral guides (souls who were there for some part of the physical journey of life and on attaining their learning, ascended to the astral world).

Through astral guides, we get connected to the network of higher dimensions of universe and further go ahead to establish connect with Angels, Higher Souls and Divines in the hierarchy. Caring through regular communication, understanding their emotional needs and attending to it as your prime needs, prayers of gratitude, forgiveness are some of the ways for role fulfillment. But for some people, their individual egoistic judgement deciphers the relationship in the wrong or right light.

Depending upon the depth of ego, some go ahead to sever all ties and even when some perform, it gets conditional for a need to prove, because such individuals are only operating out of the network of ego which is so very limiting. When one understands and accepts that all relationships in their physical domain are in many ways connected to the attainment of their soul learning, they can begin to work on themselves to let go of their mental defense and experience the harmony and happiness.

So when we are performing our duties sincerely towards the said members in physical earth hierarchy, even when problems occurs, it gets resolved even without you setting a deadline , due to something which is miraculous called “Blessings”.

And the blessings are always in line with hierarchy of higher dimensions. To experience the higher dimensions, elevate your thoughts and let go of your emotional heaviness. And thus through connect with higher dimensions, you begin to serve God. And He is both the receiver and the giver. When you provide in your physical dimension, the emotional state of contentment travels higher establishing it’s connect with God and from there through the hierarchy of His creation, you begin to receive, making it a cyclic process. When you sever anything in the process, it is only you who is a partaker of this debt in which God and His family both upon astral and physical real have no bindings.

And the day you understand this, you will not only be a happier soul to attain your souls’ spiritual journey, but you will stop questioning and doubting God, who is the only involved in the creation of the universe and all processes connected to it and God Himself is connected to the commitment called delegation.

Enjoy the Journey!