How often have you heard this request from your known acquaintances?
Very often… Right?

Prayers are ingrained to most of our consciousness since child hood and thus it is yet quite surprising to hear, “Though you are going to offer prayer for ‘him’/’her’, but please pray for me a bit more”. And then upon finding why such a question, you will be more amused to know, ‘ cause I am more closer to you ‘, ‘my problem is bigger ‘, etc
Now as you walk ahead, you are caught in the web of praying for the person who needs it more or who has requested in ‘more’ quantity and that person has identified more closeness with you!

My consciousness says both needs it! One for the problem and the other for attaining the wisdom connected to the thought !

How is that?

All prayers originate from the ingrained filtration of thoughts. Whether you apply Mythology, Sanskrit, Arabic , French, English or your simple diabolical language, the essence of decotion is the same as it has arisen because your thoughts are connected to it. The resolution of the problem does not depend upon the length of a prayer, language and neither if the person who you are praying is known or unknown to you, but the quality of thoughts is all that matters.  Likewise even when a person is aesthetic , their thought works as the ingrained thoughts is there for one and all.

God is just in the process of creation and your prayers are transmitted through the network of hierarchy placed in the higher dimensional universe by the astral guides.

And hence the prayer is needed for both, one who needs to overcome the problem and the later to attain wisdom that prayer is not about being close or big, but about being infinite in your thought, that has arisen due to the filtration of thoughts.