Loss of love in your relationship. Why does love change in a relationship? How do you generate happiness?

These days I find more and more people who is searching for love in their relationship. A walk down the sacred aisle, the ‘pheras’ around the mystical fire, or a silent prayer of togetherness… It once brought them together, they created a nest, shared the warmth, sorrows and joy together, but now it is lost somewhere. This fragment of being lost is resulting in a lot of loneliness, sadness, of being physically alive but mentally dead.

Where is your perception in the present when you have stopped living? If we connect this state with a genuine friend, we agree that our friend has changed. Does that mean that the friend becomes a lesser friend or you cut away totally. No, the friend still remains!

Now accept this friend as your self within. Agree? Now choose what do you wish to do with your inner friend? To give them love, happiness or boredom?
All people change in the course of their life’s journey. This does not make them a lesser or a better human being… But rather an evolved being. So have you changed over the course of life? You, Of course, cannot disagree 😀

So welcome the change and if your relationship is giving you emotional comfort, worthiness and security be committed to it. Happiness is a state of choice and only you can be your charge for it. It can be generated when you participate in the process.
So enjoy the journey and stay happy and committed with your self !
Affirm , “I breathe in love , peace and happiness within !”