This article is a channeled content from the higher consciousness plane, helping one to find the lost love and harmony in their existing relationship. After going through the content, I highly recommend you and your partner to practice the exercise for your higher soul and relationship benefit.
This exercise can be practiced by single ones also, who has lost out on his/ her partner through death, or going through separation or is physically separated due any reasons.
In a relationship, when a man and woman genuinely loves one another, then there is harmony between mind, body and soul.
This union of mind, body and soul is to last a lifetime, however, over the years of stay together, the love begins to fade away, resulting in a grieving heart or marital discord resulting in the conjugal chord to break away.
Why does this happen?
Even when there was love, attraction and unity when a man and woman first got married, over the years of stay over-possessiveness, control, sexual judgements and unsatisfied heart results in the love to fly out of the door and disappear completely.
What is left back is emotional emptiness of pain, disharmony, expectation, heart full of sorrow and a grieving heart.
In this form of discord, the vital essence of life flowing into the energy of a being is lost resulting in the body to keep running without the essence of love, just like a running car without oil.
Because the vital force is missing, the body develops long standing, noncurable ailments and emotional and physical duress which gets presented as depression, lack of interest, negative thoughts and addictive habits of eating, drinking, smoking and over dependency on materialistic substances and earthly objects.
Behavior and character undergoes changes wherein a man/ woman begins to lie, cheat with one another and trying to find and replace the lost love from external relationships which takes precedence like lust and sexual abuse.
Know that!
1) Mere possessiveness and control in a relationship is resulting from lack of love.
2) Judgement and criticism is because of lack of value in a relationship.
3) Inducing guileful action and guilt in a relation is due to lack of trust in the relationship.
4) Fear, aversion and abnormal attitude is due to unhealthy attitudes and emotions of unhealed personality.
Thus over the years, love and conjugal bliss has been burnt in the altar of sexual abuse, selfishness, lack of respect and many things more.
We are wanting to welcome more love and happiness not just for ourselves, but also for our universe. This world, a beautiful gift to us as beings for this earth journey needs to vibrate in the energy of love and happiness and thus this exercise is a channeled gift from the higher evolved Masters, evolved beings, angels and elemental beings.
When you practice it, you get healed and this energy of healing transcends into the universe and benefits others and through the mass consciousness clearance our beautiful world gets benefitted for our selves and future offsprings!
So are you ready to participate in this exercise?
1) Establish a state of oneness with self through meditation.
2) Once grounded/ settled/ peaceful at your heart level, call over for the person who you wish to heal the lesson of love.
3) Mentally visualize the good moments that you shared with this partner and realize what important lessons and feelings did this person give you.
4) Where did the sourness begin? Where you a victim or a perpetrator? Realize that you have the power to heal it.
5) Visualize yourself getting covered in golden light of honor, integrity, healing and love. This golden light of the Divine is always there for you, with you and forever encompassing you, whether you are realizing it or not.
6) Into this light – *If you are a victim*- let go of your need to be roleplaying the victim state. And, *If you are a perpetrator*- Infuse more energy into you to release the need to be operating from this domain.
7) Breathing in and out, again and continuously release the energy of all that is not needed and welcome in honor, worth, happiness, love, healing and integrate into your consciousness, until you realize that your energy has shifted internally.
8) At this time, please welcome in the partner into this divine light and share the healing for growing together or releasing the person if your lessons of living together is accomplished. Your inner awareness would always guide you right.
9) Open your eyes and drink a glass of fresh, herbal infused natural water.

AFFIRM “I welcome love and happiness forever into my life and am eternally blessed in the highest honor of the divine will and plan. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”
Magical Being,
To whosever you wish to gift this exercise, please share it with them as you bring in a beautiful new year.
Through you, allow the universe to be healed!