Beautiful Ones,

I have a question for you!
What happens when you leave the negative energy of your thoughts around?

You stand to lose away from all the chances of your personal power to succeed, excel, create abundance, construct a positive life or rise in spirituality.

Yes, that’s right my dear friend!

In a life time alone there would have been innumerable situations and circumstances where one would have felt hurt, in pain and agony that would have resulted in self-created resentments, unhappiness,discontentment, anger, non-forgiveness or anything else. The pain occurred as your emotion was used, destroyed or not understood by a person or people who at that time was in your environment.

What happens then?
In such a situation, whoever would have given rise to such a state have already claimed custody of your inner personal power! For finding your peace, you would have walked out from the life of such a person, or would be avoiding them intentionally.

But what you have to realize is, you have to release your energy from it.This unclaimed energy of yours’ results in loss of personal power which makes you experience drainage at physical, mental, health, finance, work area and spiritual levels.

You have to claim your personal energy of emotions from the custody of someone else or many of them. And only you have the power to do this! So are you ready to claim your personal energy back and rise above with personal power?
If “yes” is your personal answer, lets do a short exercise:-
1. Find some time for yourself, free from any kind of external disturbances. Light a candle, which is preferably aromatic of your choice. Play a soft music.
2. Sit by yourself, close your eyes, calm yourself down by focusing your breath in and out and channeling and infusing all your energy of your breath into your beautiful heart.
3. Having established that, call for help of Divine God, or Ascended Master or Angel or any Higher Guide that comes to your inner awareness.
4. Request them to protect you in their divine light mentally and ask them to guide and help you to claim your personal energy back whenever,wherever, or with whosoever, it would have been left along the journey of your lifetime.
5. Based of your visual, auditory or kinesthetic intelligence, you would find the energy of connect with one or many people. As you find their presence, claim your energy back and release back every emotional energy of theirs back to them with love and forgiveness. (Realize that the power to forgive and exchange love is your strength. So please allow
your strength to grow more!)
6. Once the exchange is complete, it is but natural to find your heart in a happier, lighter or better state.
7. Offer gratitude to your Divine God, Ascended Master, Angel, or Higher Guide who gave you the divine protection and then open your eyes with love for your self holding within your heart.
8. Affirm, I now claim my complete custody of personal power to succeed, excel, create abundance, construct a positive life and rise in spirituality, in the highest order of the Divine/ Lord/ God. Thank You, Thank You,

1. Drink a glass of water.
2. Write down your experience on your personal diary/ notepad and read it for your self.
3. It is but natural for you to experience cold or flu like symptoms, stomach and bladder releases, excess sleep, or nothing at all after this exercise.
4. You may be required to do this exercise for a few days every day, until you have completed collecting all of the strength of your personal power. Feel good to do so.You would find your life growing in all forms as your award/ reward.
5. For faster clearance, after the exercise takes a warm water bath with infused herbal or bathing salts.
6. Drink more infused herbal water during the days of exercise.