I would like to share a few lessons about recent learning which I attained.

Enjoy the read!
Discussions about the present Kali yuga period sparked my consciousness of understanding that this period would last unto 5101 years and awareness lit up when it was known that we are yet in the earlier stage of this period.

This means that the disintegration is only getting more intense in the time to come and it’s our personal and moral responsibility to rise above towards ascension and freedom! One of the ways to rise from this Yuga is to perform deeds and actions through thoughts, habits, duties what would gift the consciousness of mankind liberation and better still moksha!.

One cannot attain moksha if its consciousness of reality is attached only towards fulfilling desires about eating, mating, amassing of wealth and pushing away the connectivity with the Divine for a later time period! Through the above intent of karma, one is only preparing itself to come back in a future birth to offload the layers of desires which has not helped in the ascension and soul progression of the individual.

And Yes, in this lifetime with the present awareness and soul intelligence,one has to focus on offloading the past life time karma so that those accounts are free to liberate one in the present consciousness lifetime.

And your awareness being in the present body and reality of consciousness can accomplish this liberation! Having determined to progress in this pathway, you are bound to meet torchbearers, mentors, metaphysical teachers, gurus and guides and it is your personal duty to stay connected with them in the plan of consciousness of offload.

Such awakened and enlightened beings gifts you the energy to rise above, but the duties to offload need to be undertaken only by You!

All because you are the Master of your Karmas!

Realization Steps that can be undertaken by You to attain Moksha and Liberation in the Present.

The moksha is when you transcend above from sufferings into growth, ignorance to knowledge and wisdom, lack to abundance, fear to faith and trust, belief of positivity! And for accomplishing this one has to stay and live in the present.
Spiritual dialogues are very simple practices which one can undertake in their daily routine of life.
For embedding spirituality, one does not have to wait for a certain age of seniority or retirement, duties of the present day life, yet being there in it, you can be a fulfilling your spiritual progress.
1)Offer – When you get your child to water a plant or offer grains to bird, plant a seed for mother earth, you are carrying out a spiritual process.
Any of the above actions gifts your soul happiness or contentment with self – which is a spiritual gift coming to your consciousness.
2)Gift – Some are able to gift other through deeds, thoughts or prayers – whatever is your chosen pathway, the intent behind the gift is exemplary, as that’s what gifts you liberation and freedom from the past. Because you are giving yourself a chance to rise above from the present energy state.
3)Action – I have met multitudes of people in this lifetime who goes with the belief that – when I have, I would give and present a limiting story.
These are excuses for the soul as ones’ consciousness is always gifted with all the necessary tools.
When one denies, it’s operating from the old conditioning of beliefs.
The time is always in the now and when such programs are offloaded through co-operations, connectivity with soul members, it frees the the consciousness of the individuals from the past attachment.
What is needed for you will remain, rest moves out of your space!
4)Participation – Getting connected with meditation, writing, journalling, exercising yoga, mindfulness practice of thinking and feeling good for self and others are spiritual realization steps which allows one to grow in the
higher awareness light.
Ones soul purpose is ultimately establishing it’s connectivity with the Supreme Almighty and thereupon being with the Divine forever, thats when one attains liberation and salvation – important lesson of the soul being.
5)Service- Being in service to parents, soul family through love, society, unconditional acceptance and forgiveness is a step ahead to free the consciousness of the beings from the pain of sufferings. Liberation is the truth of life.
6)Gratitude – Eternal joy of gratitude manifests growth in all forms in ones’ life. Gratitude should be a live program running within you forever as your soul is exceptional! We only are responsible for our spiritual growth! In the truth consciousness of the reality, the being has to be present, yet detached and connected always with the Supreme Almighty Divine! This is the sign of a spiritually successful, awakened and enlightened being – That’s You?