The clinical institution was founded by Ms.Prameela Sreemangalam, in September 2009.

Mind Scan after growing with private practice, institutional, corporate and group workshops, evolved with signature workshops since 2014.  Since it’s inception in 2009, attended over six thousand five hundred of clienteles and thus, within a limited span of time, Mind Scan reformed and transformed the lives of many. And it is our continued vision to enable us to reach out and touch as many as lives as possible in a life time.

Mind Scan is an institution that is committed towards the dedication and service of the human mind. It’s a paradigm which is setting a trend mark of experiences for the evolution of the human consciousness. Human consciousness, as we know is based on the three parameters of the body, mind and life experiences, which aids in the evolution and growth of the spirit which is a true reflection of soul.

At Mind Scan, we pamper minds, to transform the mindsets positively by releasing the past baggage and thus attain a wholesome experience.

The experience conjures in a good learning in the will of the individual and sometimes though it could be painful, it allows the being to experience a phenomenal evolution, thus creating a shift in it’s consciousness! This phenomena of understanding the state of their thoughts, helps an individual to come to an acceptance, thus guiding and progressing their inner self from darkness to light which positively, enables them to enjoy a blissful journey in their lives.

Through an approach of Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Metaphysical approach, the conscious level of the mind is understood and then progressed towards tapping of the subconscious and the unconscious mind.

At Mind Scan, we scan your thoughts using an approach of traditional consultation, subjective questionnaires and clinically proven scientific techniques of mind testing.

Following this, with connect to the findings & co-relation of thought issues, your mind is tapped through therapies using a combination of Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and NLP, Metaphysics and Life coaching.  And then, the transformation of thoughts and life begin!

So visit us to understand your mind, self and if there is a need, transform your life with your thoughts, create what you desire, rather than living through a limiting life that is not working for you.

At Mind Scan, it’s only Mind, Body and Life which matters. The journey into this transformation awaits you!  Come, enjoy the blissful experience.