About Mind Scan™

Mind Scan™, is a centre committed towards Healing, Inner Transformation and Life Evolution, founded by Ms.Prameela Sreemangalam (Pam), who evolved into the area of private practice in 2009, following a ten year long, strong career with the leading airlines of India.

Mind Scan™ provides Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Alternative modalities of holistic healing services to society.

Mind Scan™ as a community is serving the purpose of the Divine and Ascended Masters, by bringing in the New Age Universe, and evolution through the Light of the Divine to help in the mankind and all it’s inhabitants.

In the larger plan of evolution, Mind Scan™ transforms spiritually aware and inclined individuals as Teachers, Practitioners for the society. All Practitioners attain the virtues

and disciplines of Self-Realization, Actualization, Awareness and God-Realization in their progression, which results in deep level cellular clearances, karmic healing and soul level awareness and uplift in the progression of life.

Since it’s inception in 2009, Mind Scan™ has catered to multitudes of clienteles and have found phenomenal healing in the areas of Personality disorders, heal Fibroids, Cancer, SLE, GERD’s, Asthmatic conditions, Insomnia, Depression, Uterine and Womb Healing – where conception and pregnancies were an impossible reality, Fears, Phobias, Addictions, OCD, Confidence, Psychical Trauma, Speech Disorders, Bed-Wetting, Inner Healing and Transformation, et cetera.

Through the consciousness of parents and children, she has had some remarkable shifts and healing achieved in conditions of autism, retardation, conditions that are physically limiting due to the karmic overload from other lifetimes.