Having addressed multitudes of clienteles and towards her passionate contribution to society and mankind, she was empowered with many awards, some amongst which includes:-

2017:- Speaking Tree Good Karma Award.
Category – Life Coach at New Delhi.

Speaking Tree Good Karma Award

2017:- Young Women Achiever’s Award.
Category – Life Coach at Mumbai.

Young Women Achiever’s Award

2017:- Bright Perfect Achiever’s Award.
Category – Life Coach at Mumbai.

Bright Perfect Achiever’s Award

2017:- Felicitation by RIMS.
Category – Pune for ‘Meditation and benefits for Youth’,at Pune.

Felicitation by RIMS

2017:- Recognition and Honor by KIMS.
Category – delegating ‘Ancestral Healing – a gift to Mankind’, at Karad.

Recognition and Honor

2016:- Felicitation by KIMS.
Category – Presenting, ‘Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy – Alternative Modalities’, at Karad.

Felicitation by KIMS

2012:- Karnataka Sangh Award.
Category – Women Empowerment at Mumbai.

Karnataka Sangh Award