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  • 11 Oct
  • 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Ancestral Healing and Education Program


  1. To gift Ancestral Practitioners to society.
  2. To heal consciousness of mankind by setting the ancestors free, gifting them liberation and upgrading their growth in the seven planes of astral dimensions!
  3. To help attain resolutions in life.

About Ancestral Imprints

The Ancestral Imprints such as Belief, Thoughts, Habits, Curses, Tragedies, Ailments, Spells, Oath, Vow, Pledge, Discord et cetera are shared in the Genetic Impressions that is stored in the DNA Consciousness which influences ones’ life ahead.

Ancestral Karma are serious issues and it clouds the consciousness in various ways. Some of the Issues are listed below –

  1. Marital Discord
  2. Conception Issues / Miscarriages
  3. Mind and Mood Ailments
  4. Addictions
  5. Financial Constraints/ Conflicts / Struggles / Drainage
  6. Health Ailments and Illnesses like Cardiac conditions, Cancer, Obesity that runs in families.
  7. Depression
  8. Premature Deaths
  9. Suicides that runs in families.
  10. Murder and other destructive pattern of life.
  11. Property discords, disputes.


Ancestral Problems are caused by the departed ancestors found in the line ages between the first to the seventh plane reality. There may be an underlying wrath, curse, trauma or anything else that has occurred in their significant life that is passed ahead in the future offspring life times.
When one faces incessant problems and despite taking corrective actions, the problem persists, it is an indication that there is something somewhere that needs a resolution.
Ancestral Clearing comprises of the clearance or healing of inherited emotional issues, unhealthy pattern or unresolved trauma from ancestral lineage, using spiritual science energy.

Who can attend?

  1.  All individuals who are Inclined/ Believers of Spirituality and Natural Science Healing.
  2. Male/ Female adults who wants to Heal themselves, interested in Chakra Healing and also want to take up a career in practice.
  3. Practitioners of Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Light Workers, Reiki, Pranic, Angel, Crystal Healing, Psychology, Bach, Alternate modality Practitioners, Teachers, Yoga Therapists, Reflexologists, Theosophists,
    Physiotherapists, Psychotherapy, Naturopaths.
  4. Individuals interested in improving/ awakening their spiritual and creative growth in the field of learning, dancing, writing, drawing.
  5. Individuals who are drawn towards the knowledge and study of Ascended Masters and Awakened Beings.

Benefits of Ancestral Healing and Education Program

  1. To upgrade life quality with ancestral blessings.
  2. Heal family karmas and attain freedom from long pending ancestral issues.
  3. Family re-patterning for healing consciousness of present life reality.
  4. Attain release from ancestral oaths, vows, curses, generational loop issues.
  5. Come out of repetitive patterns of ancestral blocks.
  6. Obtain freedom from ancestral shadow.
  7. Receive invocation to receive love, respect, rewards, recognition and honor in work and life.
  8. Learn four methods of ancestral channeling.
  9. Attain resolutions in health areas and healing in organ ailments and conditions.
  10. Peacemaking for life progress.
  11. Step ahead in spiritual growth, awareness and awakening.
  12. Attain release from ancestral paranormal activities.
  13. Get introduced to Ascended Masters.
  14. Receive invocations which helps an individual to attain freedom, awareness, self-realization, enlightenment – Key pathways to lead an evolved and spiritually empowered prosperous life.
  15. Learn Self-Healing Modality.
  16. Serve the humanity in the bigger and larger plan of the divine.

Levels of Ancestral Healing and Education Program

Level 1- The Immortal Beings (2 Days) (Fees INR 15,000/-)Buy Now
Level 2 – Channeling with Masters (2 Days) (Fees INR 20,000/-)Buy Now
Level 3 – Healing with Creator Consciousness (2 Days) (Fees INR 15000/-)Buy Now
Level 4 – Divine Oneness (1.5 Days) (Fees INR 13000/-)Buy Now
(Total Course Fees In India – INR 63,000/-. Additional discounts for advance registrations of all the levels).Buy Now

Date & time

11 Oct 2018 , 9:00 am - 10:00 am


Hotel Suba Galaxy, Andheri East
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