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  • 20 Jan
  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Divine Womb Healing Workshop in Dubai

Conducted By

Mind Scan™
Founder – Ms Prameela Sreemangalam (Pam), is a TOI Speaking Tree – Good Karma Award Winner, Young Women Achievers, Perfect Achievers, Author, Psychotherapist, Life Coach.


Divine Womb Healing is a 4 Day, inner guided process channeled by 7 gifted goddesses of feminine healing – an ancient gift to heal all feminine energy, imprints and restore feminine balance.

Through series of activations, meditations and healing processes, the Divine energy is activated to infuse healing into the womb area.
The light activations of the feminine divine energy gifts the receiver with incredible healing benefits, restoration and balancing of hormones, attainment of higher happiness and satisfaction in life, improvement in wisdom, creativity, inner connect and intuition, inner awakening and more.

Workshop Dates

17th to 20th January 2019

Benefits of Divine Womb Healing

1. Heal Self and Relationships.
2. Resolve and Heal Menstrual pains, cramps, PMS, circulation, flow and discomforts.
3. Dissolve and resolve past painful links and hooks.
4. Help attract the right partner in life.
5. Attain freedom from abusive pattern of energies – emotional and physical violence.
6. Upgrade life with value, acceptance, increased love, faith, trust and meaningful relationships.
7. Improve creative flow and increased abilities.
8. Heal grief, loss, anger, stress effectively.
9. Heal children issues – Hyper-activeness, Depression, Speech Issues and difficulties, confidence in children.
10. Aid in healing of autistic conditions, karmic distortions, suicidal tendencies.
11. Resolve/ heal & attain lessons in situations involving repeated miscarriages, under developed pregnancies, non-conception states.
12. Aid in natural healing of womb related conditions of feminine body – Fibroids, PCOD, Cancer, hormonal imbalances.
13. Assist in creation of health womb, safe pregnancies, natural conception and feminine balancing.
14. End old womb soul agreements and contracts and attain freedom in the present relationship.
15. Learn Self-Healing for feminine energy protection, balancing, evolution and ascension.

Levels of Divine Womb Healing

Level 1 – Womb Opening (One Day) Buy Now
Level 2 –  Womb Cleansing ( Two Days) Buy Now
Level 3 – Womb Blessing (One day) Buy Now

Energy Exchange

2800 AED
Early Registration – 2500 AED
(For first six enrollments only)
To register/ know about the program and batches mail mindscan4simplifyinglife@gmail.com
Message/ Call Prameela +91 9820097181
Call Zahra Poonawala +97 1552756051