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  • 28 Jul
  • 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Divine Womb Healing

Mind Scan ™ announces Divine Womb Healing – An Energy Therapy gifted by the Divine and guided by the Mystic Deities and Goddesses, to heal and preserve the womb of Creation.

Divine Womb healing is a very ancient science which works through opening a channel to establish healing for many problems.

It focuses on establishing the connect with the womb, through the chakra of the womb – The Sacral Chakra.

The Divine energy is harnessed into the Womb and it’s parts through Sound Meditation, Energy Healing Techniques and Processes, Heart to Womb Meditation, Light Body Activation and Synthesizing the Healing.

Benefits of Womb Healing

There are more than one benefits, which are listed below”-

  1. Heal yourself and attain freedom in your relationships.
  2. Resolve menstrual pains, cramps, PMS, circulation, flow issues and discomforts.
  3. Dissolve and Resolve past people links and hooks and painful attachments.
  4. Helping self to attract the right partner or relationships in life.
  5. Come out of abusive pattern, heal emotional, physical violence and abuse in relationships.
  6. Upgrade life with value, acceptance, increased love, faith, trust and increased relationships.
  7. Improve creative flow and increased abilities.
  8. Heal grief, loss, anger, stress effectively.
  9. Attain children area healing – Hyper-activeness, Depression, Speech Difficulties and Discomforts, Confidence and Freedom from Victim states.
  10. Aid in resolutions and healing of Karmic distortions, Autism, Suicidal tendencies and Birth conditions  in children.
  11. Heal womb area situations – Repeated miscarriages, non-conception states, under-developed pregnancy and losses.
  12. Creation of healthy womb, safe pregnancy, natural conception and feminine balancing.
  13. Heal/ End old womb soul agreements and contracts and attain freedom in present relationship with self.
  14. Openness to understand sexuality and individual healing.
  15. Gift freedom to your womb by healing conditions and ailments of the organ.


Level 1 – October 8th 2018 (One Day)

Level 2 – 9th to 10th October 2018 (2 Days)

Level 3 – 11th October 2018 (One Day)


1. Strictly for Females – 14 Years and Up.

2. Females who are inclined towards natural spiritual science healing – to gift their womb natural healing and attain freedom and resolutions.

3. For all females who’s presently undergoing womb related conditions and ailments.

4. For Mothers who has children with special needs and conditions which needs womb healing.

5. Practitioners of Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Light Workers, Reiki, Pranic, Angel, Crystal Healing, Psychology, Bach, Alternate modality Practitioners, Teachers, Yoga Therapists, Reflexologists, Theosophists, Physiotherapists, Naturopaths.

Energy Exchange

AED 2400

Early Registration Offer – 2200 AED

(For first Six Registrations only)

Date & time

28 Jul 2018 , 8:00 am - 1:00 pm


Goregaon West Mumbai