Mind Scan™ Vision

To serve the consciousness of mankind by aiding in Healing, Inner Transformation and Life Evolution.

To serve as a port to offload universal baggage by healing the earth energy with “Divine Light” channeling, Karmic Healing and helping attain liberation and evolution of ancestral imprints trapped in the earth plane.

Create more “Medium Professionals”, who can carry out the work of the Divine and Ascended Masters to improve and increase the frequency of the earth.

To invoke the blessings for Life growth, Transformation, Spirituality, Awakening, Enlightenment, which are gifts for mankind and all the inhabitants on the earth.

To release and free victim states and dominancy that results in violence, abuse, social and communal wars and bring about Ascension- Divine’s plan for the New-Age earth.

Help mankind evolve towards the the higher connect with Creator/ Lord/ God – Light and thus attain innate state and rank of Self-Awakening, Freedom, Actualization and God-Realization, which are rankings for higher progression of every soul existing upon the earth.