Pam’s published works are

A Tryst with Human Mind – If you have faced internal battles of rejection, confidence issues, abuse, depression, voids, emotional and physical blockages, this book is an internal journey for your mind. Your mind will experience emotional healing, many questions of your mind will find an answer and accomplish your connect with life. Healing through hypnosis and various modules of mind linked therapies, the subconscious is tapped for healing for various clinical cases described in depth in the content of this book. As you take a journey through this book, you will discover your mind and it’s unlimited potentials of self-healing within.

The Life Al Kimia

There lay a hidden call, which had the unmeasured power to transform the destine of Sikander in a new land, where he overcomes the obstacles in his life to transcend beyond, into the depth of his untapped soul, where lay the key towards the eternal sanctity. This book as the power to transform the lift the lowermost tone of energy in an individual.

365 Life Shifts

( Contributed a chapter to this book with 250 Authors Worldwide) Each chapter opening a new way of approach towards life with healing and insights.

Ancestral Divination Deck

Ancestral Divination cards offer you an insight towards a healing technique where a person travels back into the past lineage and thus changes his/her life quickly in a positive manner by dealing with the ancestral unresolved issues, problems or traumas, thus releasing all energetic patterns that link you to them. These cards enable us to revere our ancestors, make peace with them and thus give us the freedom to complete the healing. The deck consists of 21 Channeled Messages.

Masters Divination Deck

There are 54 codes in the deck each personally received as channeling directly from the Masters. The Masters cards, carries the codes of Ascended Masters which are activation keys attached to the Divine consciousness. The codes are a gift to mankind for their spiritual awakening, thus helping in their life journey, and can be applied to all relevant areas of ones’ life. Each of the Masters code carries specific meanings and messages that can be applied to personal self, or carried out as an exercise with members or clienteles who needs the help of the Masters. The codes are a gift coming at an evolutionary stage of life for the universe, where progression and preparation is massive towards ascension, higher growth and merging with the divine-self and the ultimate divine.

The Immortal Being

A Channeled Prayer Booklet, for finding resolutions in various areas of life path journey.