Psychological Areas

Psychical Trauma, Mental Healing, Grievances, Hopelessness, Anger, Failure, Confidence, Procrastination, Depression, Abuse, PTSD, OCD, Autism Healing, Stammering, Insomnia,Personality Disorders – Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Mood Disorder, Fear, Phobia, Addictions and others.

Physical Diseases and Ailments

Healing of Cancer, Tissue Repair, Physical Injuries and Wounds, Paralysis, Fibroids, Cardiac Conditions, High Blood Pressure, Diabetic States, Migraine, Asthma, Long Standing Pain, GERD, SLE, Anxiety and others.
(The ailments or conditions comes up due to disruptions in the energy system/ thoughts and belief system of an individual which is worked through therapies and positive psychology).


Metaphysical Areas

Past Life Regression, Masters Process of Therapy, some of the areas are – Retrieving consciousness from past or other life times, receiving important soul lessons for progress in the present, heal unhealed relationship pattern, clear discords, come out of repetitive victimization, deep rooted soul distress, phobias, panic attacks, wandering mind, aid in life growth and spiritual evolution, heal past life time oaths, vows, curses, stuck pattern and aiding in the progress and evolution ahead, heal states of mind, body and soul.

Life Coaching

For Transformation of Life, Personal and Business Success, Finding your Life Purpose, Relationship Coaching, Empowering life with quality of spiritual, positivity, happiness, peace and harmonious thoughts.


Ancestral Healing

To Heal family karma, Attain release from ancestral oaths, vows, curses, generational loop issues, attain freedom from repetitive patterns of ancestral blocks, ancestral shadow, resolutions in health areas with organ/ ailment conditions, receive love, respect, rewards, recognition and honor in work and life, learn four methods of ancestral channeling, ancestral property and financial dispute healing.

Universities, Institutes, Corporates, Clubhouses, Wellness Centers, Yoga
Academies and Transformational Groups

Have Prameela facilitate a speaking event or meditation exercise for you!


Receiving messages and exchanging notes with Astral Heaven through Channeling!

During an astral channeling, Pam will receive random readings for your friends and family. She communicates directly with loved ones or their higher guides, extended family members, creating a healing and loving bridge with the departed and sharing their messages with you, completely free.

Mediumship Healing

Pam is highly regarded as a helping soul who truly loves bridging the gap with the departed.
She has help innumerable bereaving souls upon earth who are grieving the loss of their loved ones, by delivering messages from their loved ones.
If there is a closure that needs to be established, free one from emotions and struggles of pain, hopelessness, dreams, emptiness, fear, anger or anything else, she helps you finding peace through a personalized session.


Masters’ Process of Healing

Pam is gifted with the energy of Creator flowing through her hand, as she has directly received invocations and initiations of the Divine and the Masters.
It was on her personal quest to help humanity of the universe, that during
meditations she began to get connected with Higher Evolved Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels and Divine Creator. They prepared her through the process and gifted energy which works at Physical, Mental/Emotional, Ethereal, Spiritual and Soul layers of clearance, thus eliminating the issue from the core.

The Masters process of healing, awakens the natural healing potentials of an individual as it is scientifically worked through the Chakras, Endocrine Glands and Organs of your body.
The energy depletion of a system gets works through the process and the imbalances and traumas that resulted in a medical condition, life pathway obstruction or emotional disturbances gets healed to the core, thus gifting a being an empowered state of health and life evolution.
She applies Masters Process of Therapy in all cases as it yields in the best healing at Physical, Ethereal, Emotional, Soul and Spiritual Layers – both directly and through distance.

Children Healing

Pam works exclusively through the soul programs of parents when they have specially enabled children who needs care related to Hyperactive children, Autism, Non-Developmental stages, children with Speech, Bed Wetting Issues, Fear and Sleep Issue conditions.


BACH Remedies

A remedy discovered from flowers by Dr Edward Bach, which has the ability to affect ones’ emotions positively. The energies from different flowers can remove ones’ emotional pain and suffering. The Bach Flower remedies work in conjunction with herbs, homeopathy and medications and are safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets, elderly and even plants.The remedies helps mankind to achieve Joy and Happiness through healing and aids in higher consciousness, spiritual uplift and life progression.