There are many matters of life, mind and body that does not find answers and healing in books, centers and experiments alone. Such individuals keep suffering and to obtain a resolution, one keeps searching without obtaining a definite solution or an outcome. Some of which are connected with pattern of abuse, relationship conflicts, karma issues, lack of success with finance, career, ancestral curses, chronic health issues and unable to come out of problems after different approaches of scientific and practical approaches.

This is the point where past life regressions help majorly. It helps one to get connected to the spirituality of life and the problems, no matter how big may be, attains a resolution and many a times life transforms and reforms to the fullest potential with harmony of mind, life and body.

In this specialty area, Mind Scan has attained remarkable success in this field with multitudes of clients who has experienced very good resolutions, some of which are mentioned below-

  1. Fears and Phobias
  2. Fear of Life and Death
  3. Repetitive Asthma Attacks
  4. Immune Suppressive conditions life SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)
  5. GERD (Gastro Oesophageal Reflux disease)
  6. Cancer conditions originating out of unhealed emotions
  7. Chronic unresolved Pain, that could not be healed by medicines alone
  8. Financial Structures not working
  9. Blocks in thoughts, career, life
  10. Repetitive pattern of attracting partners who are emotionally draining and resulting in unhealed state of life
  11. Ancient curses, old beliefs, personal oath and vows that limits the present life time flow
  12. Unexplained aches and pain, medically which is not having a diagnosis, but the person affected with it are having heavy physical drainage
  13. Disturbed sleep with nightmares in the night
  14. Karma issues that results in long-term court issues connected to marriage, property and compensation
  15. Healing of Nodules, fibroid and uterine lumps with plain hypnotherapy
  16. Conception issues and attainment of motherhood , some of the cases have been a medical miracle, just by the use of hypnotherapy
  17. Resolution of procrastination
  18. Limiting conditions of health
  19. Constant conflicts in relationships like in parent / child, husband / wife
  20. Eating disorders
  21. Obesity
  22. Birth conditions
  23. Non progressing life