Jaya is a Divine Teacher and Practitioner of Mind Scan™ from Bengaluru base.
She graduated in Literature from Delhi University and holds a Certificate in Business Management from I.I.M. Kolkata.
Her 30 years of corporate exposure and being a HR professional with Siemens Information Systems Ltd., helped her to focus on the ‘Human behind the role’. It encouraged her to probe into the dynamics behind thought patterns, perceptions, fears and its influence on emotions, behaviour and performance.

A Psychic and interest into spiritual learning, transformed Jaya as a Life Coach and multi-modality Practitioner in the field of Reiki, Pranic Healing, Hypno and Regression, Access Consciousness and Redikall Healing.
She is an experienced Tarot Reader and Astrologer, both of which she uses as self improvement tools for her clients rather than making predictions. She also practices sound healing with singing bowls and happy drum.

Personally trained with Prameela Sreemangalam, she’s mastered her healing strength with Ancestral Healing and Ascended Masters in her journey which she serves to humanity through clinical practice and distance therapies.
Magic of Healing, awareness and learning flows through her consciousness.

Jaya holds her aim aligned with Mind Scan™’s vision of Healing, Inner Transformation and Life Evolution and she facilitates Meditations, Level 1 Courses of Ancestral Healing and Masters Practitioners Certification Program.