I came to know about Pam/Mindscan through few reviews on a website. After my first consultation session in Mumbai, I could connect so well, there is no look back and on as journey continues towards my highest good, this was session really required for me. Ancestral Healing Level 2. The session was soothing, and I could really feel the difference is extremely useful. I will recommend others to attend.

Sujoy Saha, Mumbai

I just want to thank, and I am grateful for this workshop. Really explain, I ‘ve broken the guide new thinks to know about master’s new experience, new lessons. It’s awesome to join the workshop, it feels like good fortune come to me. Feeling blessed and positive.

Shaily Jain

Thank you, divine soul for the most wonderful experience of healing and rediscovery of the self. God bless you.

Vandana Rai

I m so blessed to have attended the Ancestral Healing and Education Program with Pam. As soon as I began working with Pam, I found changes in my situation on various fronts. Things which had got stuck for a long time, decisions which I was procrastinating I started taking calls, which will save me lots of anguish.
I am grateful for having connected with my ancestors and I am hoping of getting resolutions in the coming week.
Thank you Mindscan, Pan, Cynthia and Anjali for a wonderful journey together.

Preeti Sharma

I am blessed to know Pam. It was an amazing experience of attending Master’s Level 1&2. She demonstrated to cure acute pain of shoulder in the class where I could instantly feel the pain getting relieved.
I am very grateful and sincere thank you to Pam, please keep guiding me.

Sivasubramaniam Avvaiar

Wow, words cannot describe what I went through, the best thing I have ever felt. I have seen those things which I was having issues with, I feel just that something happens which has given clearer picture of my life.
It’s a great experience to be with Pam. And I will complete my Level 2 course soon. Really love your soul and service which make in love my own self.

Amit Singh

I have to thank Pam from my bottom of my heart for making me experience the most mystical, divine and life long experience of opening up a new chapter of my life. This workshop is like a life change. I would like to recommend it to others for the divinely experience.
Thank you.

Cynthia Viegas, Mumbai

I have no words to express this feeling I had. Filled with immense energy.
Thank you, Pam. Love and blessings.

Dushyant Nagial, Delhi

The content of the workshop.
Master Practitioner Level 1 & 2
WOW- Work of Wonders

Dr Arvinder Kaur, Delhi

I came for my husband’s cancer for the Ancestral Healing Workshop. Feeling very relaxing, was able to forgive my mother in law. My husband is feeling better and better.

Geetha Subharam, Pune

I was drawn to MindScan workshop for learnings and enriching my life. it was an amazing experience where all my chakra healing …….. and both my soul and body were healed and relaxed.

Faiza Poonawala, Pune

I came in contact with MindScan course by “Times of India”. This is really informative and transformative. It helps for our spiritual and emotional growth. I do feel that I am spiritually growing.
This course is well arranged. Madam is well versed, she imparted her knowledge with us in an amicable way.

Dominic Monteiro, Miraj

Thank you Pam. I know you came into my life for a purpose. You are an amazing person. So truthful in your being and absolutely egoless.
I loved your channeling and your understanding. Thank you again. Blessed to have known you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love.

Fatema Zavery, Bangalore

I was looking forward to this Master Practitioners Course for some time. And I am glad that I attended. It was a different and wonderful experience. It has given me a lot of tools to work on and also deep awareness. Pam is a most sincere facilitator and it was a great pleasure to be with her. Immense gratitude to Pam and the Masters.

Jaya Nair, Bangalore

Ancestral Healing Prog Level 1 & 2. It has been a most wonderful experience of being a part of the ancestra; healing program. As this process what I would like to rate is a total five. Pam has been like my mentor and the most and helpful soul who addresses to all the questions with so much of attention to everything and detail and get the resolution to all the problem and find the answer to it. Yes I would recommend to my social peers too. Got bless you with lots of love and abundance.

Cynthia Viegas, Mumbai

First of all, I am so grateful to pam for understanding me and listening me. I knew that something is wrong with which I was on a level of bursting and collapse badly at the same time I felt like talking to Pam just for once if she could help me. After attending the few hours of workshop, I realized that angels, diving power and graceful masters have chosen me to be here and drew me to come mindscan TM. I have attended masters practitioners course level 1 & 2. This workshop is the best investment for me so far not only am I learning but I am getting healed. I would rate 5 out of 5 stars. Yes I would totally recommend about the society as it is science which everyneed but due to lack of awareness society have not explored its importance and value. Thank you so much! Living life Large.

Dipti Chawla, Ahmadabad

The Sigmund Frued & Past Life Regression Combo for Ancestoral Healing we attended on 02Mar19, has been useful & helpful. Beginning to feel better, lighter & unblocked in areas of life that felt like blocked or burdened. Been feeling restful with profoundly deep sleep with symbolic dreams. The audio you have sent is indeed a gift for keeps. Useful in periodic cleansing & off loading, besides follow up to the healing session held on 02 March 2019.

Thanks & good wishes. Regards

Rajender Jeer Veteran, Mumbai

Pam Mam,
PLR Therapy session was absolutely Amazing and Mind blowing. PLR concept itself was completely new to us and very technically you could take us beyond timelines to realize our Past Life soul lessons in order to heal and help us progress in our Spiritual Ascension. We were so much involved and interested in the subject of PLR, we did not know how time flies !!! Very Beautifully the session was taken in three parts viz; past life in this life time, womb Healing prior to our birth time and lastly soul lessons in our prior life times, where we can say, we were lucky to be guided by you Pam Mam through accessing Akashik records. This Godly guidance can be given by you only to us. That is why for us you are like Master / God on this earth. Soulful Gratitude Pam Mam for your guidance 🙏🙏🙏🙇‍♂ God Bless You Pam Mam 🙏🙏🙏🙇‍♂

Surendra Singh

Thank you Pam . You are a wonderful teacher 🙏😊. You have delivered and conceived wonderful students just like our epona code today 😊