Mr T C D'Costa / Mumbai
The workshop was very effective and it helped me to gain insight of the different types of intelligence that is found in my child. It has helped me a lot.
Mrs.Preeti Jain / Mumbai
The workshop was very effective, innovative and a insightful in getting to know the psychological profile of my daughter. It is good to know the areas of strengths and weaknesses of my child and ways to improve.
Mrs.Shivani Paul / Mumbai
The metaphor Mind workshop for children organized by Mind Scan was very well conceptualized. It helped us to gain an insight about the effects that can affect in the child's upbringing and how to curb those were very effectively dealt with. Topics of Anger, Yelling, Aggression, Different Types of Family Structures and it's benefits and disadvantages were very well addressed. Thank You Pam for this mind-awakening, insightful workshop!
Very informative, helpful and very well presented. Happy to be a part of this awesome, child psychology workshop. Thank You so much Prameela Ma'am.
Parent / Powai, Mumbai
The Metaphor Mind Workshop - It was very impressive to know that just by analyzing the colored drawing so much of mind impressions could be drawn in-depth. It was presented very well. With Pam's very own experience in the field, it was inspiring to know the case studies discussed relevant to the topics of discussion. I also experienced that henceforth i will not limit my child, but rather help him to evolve as he touched all the eight level intelligence that was discussed in the workshop. Thank You Pam! Keep doing the great work.
Shylaja Gopal / Mumbai
Very effective workshop and very well presented.
Shruti D / Mumbai
The Child Psychology Workshop was very informative and the facilitator did a great job!
Ms. Trupti Shinde , Chartered Accountant / Mumbai
I found the "The Buddha Myalo" workshop very effective. Her sessions helped me to remove all my burden that i was carrying for so long, to keep everyone happy, to just make "me" happy. The presentation and narration was very good and the discussions were very effective. Looking forward to attend more workshops of Mind Scan and Prameela!
Preksha Malu , DNA Newspaper / Mumbai
After attending "The Buddha Myalo" workshop, I feel light, I feel powerful, and I feel free. The presentation was swift and informative. I am beginning to realize that I am on a divine path and is being guided. Love you more Pam, you are an inspiration! After attending your workshop, people have started observing that I seem more secure, i look lighter and more calm and I resonate with it! Thank You so much!
Pratima Maharana, Teacher / Mumbai
"The Buddha Myalo" workshop was very very effective. It was a wonderful experience and very warm and personal attention was given. The discussion helped me a lot.
Sachin Shinde, Prodeio Brand Owner / Mumbai
The workshop was very effective, great and very good presentation by the facilitator.
Santosh N, Asst.Manager / Mumbai
"The Buddha Myalo" workshop was one of the best workshops that I have attended. It was very well organized, very effective and amazing experience.
Arti Malhotra / New Delhi
"Connecting with the Immortal Beings" workshop - I found it very effective and the presentation was outstanding. It helped me immensely to connect with my departed father and heal in a big way. The discussions and overall experience was excellent and effective. Thank you so much, you are one of the few people who I trust blindly and can share anything in Life!
Kiran Singh / Healer / Mumbai
The workshop, "Connecting with Immortal Beings" gave me a very good experience. The four levels of connection with spiritual beings was very happy experience and it helped me heal in a major way. Thank you so much Pam!
A client from Mumbai who underwent personal healing sessions
Thanks a lot for adding so much value to my life and opening my "soul cage " and setting mind free.