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Mind Scan®, centre of Healing, Inner Transformation and Life Evolution – provides Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Zen Wellness, Mindfulness Sessions, Leadership Coaching, and Corporate Employee Wellness Programs.

Life Transformation

Dr.Pam has transformed 12+ Lakh+ individuals at personal and professional levels. Her handcrafted programs and modalities have helped in physical, mental, personal, and professional well-being and wellness.


Dr. Pam has authored 16+ books and continues to contribute her wisdom and insights for the highest well-being of humanity. Her popular books have touched more than 50000+ lives and their family.


  • Ph.D. in Psychotherapy and Counselling from Swahili University affiliated with Dr A P J Abdul Kalam in India
  • Degree in Clinical Psychology from University of Madras
  • Licensed Hypnotherapist from CHII (now Ekaa India)
  • Certified NLP Practitioner from NFNLP / USA


A community serving corporations, corporate leaders, schools, institutions and foundations with proven techniques. We therapeutically deliver creative tools that are success-driven, bringing out outstanding results within individuals and setups.


To build and nurture strong, quality leaders to meet the rising trend in the industry and their demands. The empowered mindsets of leaders, with their unique qualities of strength, perseverance, value, and dedication, help overcome various challenges and barriers. This enables them to be the face of the new age evolution and dynamic trendsetters in the market.

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Dr. Prameela Sreemangalam
(Dr. Pam)

Life Coach, Mentor, Author, Phd. Psychotherapist,
Licensed Hypnotherapy, Licensed NLP holder
Dr. Pam is a renowned global mental health leader, psychotherapist and life coach. She has received numerous prestigious awards in her field, including Outstanding Mental Health Achiever, 50 top Global Mental Health Thought Leader, recently Hastaksharr Swabhiman in 2023 award and more. She is highly regarded for her expertise in Psychotherapy Healing, Life Coaching and hand-crafted therapeutic sessions.
Dr. Pam with her team serves institutions, corporates, foundations, schools and universities in India and Internationally through offline and online modes.

Dr. Pam & HER Achievements


2023- Hastaksharr Divyansh Ratna Award
2022- Top 100 International Iconic Woman Heroes(Perfect Woman Magazine)
2020- Outstanding Mental Health Service Achiever Award
2019- 50 Top Global Mental Health Thought Leader (Times Group)
2017- Speaking Tree Good Karma Award, Category (Life Coach)


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Feedback Report on the workshop 'Journey to Self held on the 24th of July at the Illuminaire Fest 2021. The workshop Journey to Self was conducted by Ms. Prameela Sreemangalam to help students understand their innate self better. She assisted the students to explore their personalities and identify their concept of 'self. She achieved this with utmost excellence through clear articulation of words and her strong desire to guide young minds. She addressed multiple topics, provided a clear outline, and spoke in an easily comprehensible manner which proved to be helpful to the students. ..

Lilavatibai Podar High School, ISC (part1) Academic Year (2021-2022)

.. Her unmeasurable enthusiasm ensured the students were engaged throughout, even on an online platform. Participants gave extremely warm and joyous feedback regarding the workshop. They felt a renewed sense of understanding of themselves and took a lot of pride in their learning through the workshop. To conclude, each attendee left with a new lesson learnt and a sense of immense gratitude within them. The workshop was undoubtedly a resounding success and a boon to every single student who attended it.

Lilavatibai Podar High School, ISC (part2) Academic Year (2021-2022)

After the meditation sessions I feel Kaylin and Cleavon have gained self-awareness and have become more confident in their studies. Meditation has calmed them down a lot. Leading to a more confident and happy self for both.

Charmane Hurley (Mother) testimonial from a Parent

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mind Scan Dr. Prameela and team Sandeep and Charu for the Corporate Leadership Program introduced at Aman Aviation and Aerospace Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Jatayu Unmanned Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The core team is being mentored, trained and transformed to have a common vision and goal of progression and growth of company with mindful exercises of strengthening the positive approach. The various Zen modules and psychological tools used in this program are simple yet very profound in filtering our minds, recognising our strengths and weaknesses; ..

Mrs. Nomita Johri (part1) Director, Aman Aviation and Aerospace Solutions

.. which when actively and collectively worked upon has started to bring out a healthy environment for the management and core team. The program has reflected in our approach to business plans and projects, which is already showing great growth, increase in productivity, revenue as well as progress in many otherwise stagnant projects. This leadership program is very unique and transforming especially designed according to our needs, issues and roadblocks. I am extremely grateful to Mind Scan, Dr. Pam and team for their utmost dedication and in-depth work in bringing miraculous change within team and company as whole.

Mrs. Nomita Johri (part 2) Director, Aman Aviation and Aerospace Solutions

Its been a privilege to come in touch with you After attending your programs, I found relief not just from physical pain but also emotional pain. And I also learned to not get caught and lost in emotions. Grateful 🙏 Warm Regards, Keshika

Keshika Mumbai

    Presenting Dr. Pam's

    Latest BooK

    On 14th January 2023, the 14th Authored Book by Dr. Pam, Seikastu – the Quintessence of Enlightenment has been released.
    MindScan® family is excited to welcome Everyone for this book…!
    This guided Light Work is a Divine Gift for Mankind sharing the 12 learning principles from Zen Masters to live an organic, purpose-driven, and peaceful life originating from an inner, evolved Zen state.

    Seikastu, is a simple philosophy which leads one to find reason for their existence, whilst helping them to open up to the unspoken stories within.

    It introduces the reader into a state and approach of Zen Mindfulness, thus guiding and helping them to master their mind through the practice of mindfulness activities.

    Harmonising oneness, success at the work place, progressing in personal relationships, improving interpersonal relationship skills, growing with beauty and health are some of the key takeaways from this book.

    When you look at the cover page of the book, you are led to reflect on the journey of your life symbolic to the golden Gingko tree. Golden represents all that is in abundance, comes from the source of lights.

    The Gingko Tree represents the longevity, strength and the boat represents your journey. Spiritual nourishment, contentment, transformation and liberation are symbolic to your life’s journey.

    The Gingko Tree is the tree of hope and sustenance which allows mankind to understand that hardships and tough situations do not last forever, they will end in time to come.

    While walking on this journey we call life, man is meant to develop friendships, weave bonds and breathe new meaning and life into their existing relationships and families, helping them to realise the deeper meanings in the walk of life.

    The traveler entails life and accepts that wherever they are placed, they can find their strength to grow and sustain life, while participating in Life itself. A new life of goodness, symbolic of the many good things that’s going to happen to you and that you will live to enjoy it’s goodness is the meaning of this book for you.

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