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Customized workshops/sessions designed to understand an individual’s / professional’s / group’s thinking and behavioral patterns, emotional state, and aspirations. NLP is viewed one of the most life-altering and impactful programming globally. The core-level restructuring using therapeutic techniques and through interactive session(s) enables inner transformations.


Metaphor Therapy is a natural-guided tool available for coaches / therapists / psychologists working on an individual’s / professional’s life and pattern. The session involved psychotherapy using metaphor as a tool to help people express their experiences symbolically. It is a cognitive, communicative drawing interpretation that opens doors to highly productive work with an individual/professional / group, creating deeper meaningful insights.


Heightened stress levels have become an automatic by-product of the current lifestyle as well as global scenario. Stress Management involves various techniques and strategies that can assist people to not only control the stress, but to eradicate it from the core of one’s system. At MindScan ®, handcrafted techniques and modalities, enables to have stress-free life.


Dr. Prameela Sreemangalam with her extensive experience as a PhD. Psychology, NLP Expert and more than two decades of exposure in the field within Holistic Wellness and Health Industry, has a deep comprehensive understanding of human behavioral patterns. She caters to various areas of an individual’s life with holistic as well as scientific approach.
Few of the specialized programs are shared below.


Are you an Entrepreneur/Business Owner looking for business growth and success?
Are you a Visionary planning to start a new venture, business and startups?
Are you ready to clear your blocks and bring abundance in your life?
Do you know while doing business, yet, you can be spiritual

Spiritual Business Coaching Program welcomes you to unfold your hidden potential and brings success into your business and life.

Vision - Mission

Defining a clear Vision/Mission to support, sustain, and well-position businesses/corporates for long-term success has become extremely critical.

It’s always key to know ‘Why you are doing’ – ‘What you are doing’ and which potentially defines ‘What you stand for as a SUCCESS’.

MindScan helps to a success-driven method of build-align a Mission and Vision with Corporates, Corporate Leaders, Institutions, and Academics.


Are you finding difficulty in striking the right balance? Do you feel, you can learn and grow? A few of the realised problems of a skewed work-life balance are work pressures, higher stress levels, tight deadlines, unrealistic demands, overtime, unavailability for emotional needs of the family & friends circle, unhealthy work relationships, grief/loss, higher attritions, lack of motivation, working women concerns, etc.

Based on the experiential work with corporates/schools, MindScan addresses it with unique techniques.


PRESENT is a beautiful gift; “Are you present?” OR are you lingering on the past or thinking about the unseen future?

In MindScan®, Zen Masters have guided uniquely on Mindfulness Meditations and techniques best suited for Corporates that focus on regularly cultivating cognitive abilities, diverse thinking, uncovering hidden potential, higher ROI, and active brain activity.


Modern times are witnessing a paradigm shift in the global psyche. From the negativities and traumas being experienced in the post-COVID times to the physical, mental, and emotional toxicities experienced by the employees, employers, and the workplace as a collective; the cumulative impact of the ongoing pandemic, additional extra economic burdens, climate, and ecological crisis and other similar factors have exponentially increased the demand for mental health support.

At MindScan®, the Corporate Wellness and Mental Health Program is focused entirely on establishing freedom and independence from the effects of low-frequency and energy-draining occurrences.


Workplace Stress is becoming one of the most rapidly evolving reasons for high attritions and lack of job satisfaction among employees.

While the complexity of a workplace may be a fundamental issue at an organizational level, an organization still needs to ensure a stress-free environment for its in-house stakeholders for it to observe maximum productivity. Hence at MindScan®, we offer various onsite and online meditative and mindful stress management sessions to completely address issues from the core level.


Within the last two decades, the extent of technology has increased exponentially. While there are numerous advantages of having access to the world at your fingertips, the human mind is also getting affected by phenomena like technology dependency, lower attention spells, technology addictions, chaotic living, etc., due to the unregulated use of the same

Dormant Mind Workshops are focused on increasing a professional’s self-awareness, comprehensive, cognitive, and analytical abilities, learning abilities, uncovering untapped inner potential, activating inner spark and strength.


Living in a social world, and having collective experiences, man experiences a variety of emotions on a day-to-day. Openness and a growth mindset are key for growth for self and organizations.

MindScan®’s Heart Activation focuses on emotional and mental health, self and social awareness, and inspires transformational and productive work culture.


Do we know when to disconnect?
What to do when we do disconnect?
What does being “Disconnect” entails?

In a world which is completely focused on constant online / social presence; disconnecting is perceived as an act of “leisure” or something “out-of-the-ordinary”. Via Virtual Wellness sessions, MindScan focuses on opening up an employee’s purview of wellness and fitness – mental, physical and emotional.


This integrated, channeled, comprehensive complete program with the Zen Masters, shapes your personality, develops your decision-making skills, you find yourself in a positive state of mind, team building and vision improves, a fruitful favourable life is accomplished.

A being also begins to become significantly aware of their reason of existence. By practicing the Zen Philosophy and Lessons, a being becomes more compassionate, kind, loving, smiling, are able to accommodate wisdom, empower with knowledge which makes them a great leader. A few of the many benefits of the program are:

  1. Improvement in Work Culture by practicing Mindfulness.
  2. Master Relationships.
  3. Create a Mantra of Success.
  4. Evolve with Natural Beauty and Zen Body.
  5. Craft Happiness and Contentment.
  6. Create Abundance in lives.
  7. Create a Spiritual Universe.
  8. Open a whole new way in Life.

    You want to lead a life Zen way; you are most welcome!


A developing and progressive growth of any nation draws focus upon its children and youth’s overall wellbeing. Shaping and molding of young minds begins in their early age; schools and institutions as extended family plays an integral role. In today’s world, focusing on the goal of wellness within children helps in well structuring young minds and most importantly create awareness about self-care, wellness and positive evolution while managing stress healthily.  

Mind Scan®, focuses in creating the Wellness shifts which can be actively adapted by primary, secondary and higher secondary children. Through psychological tools and holistic practices of meditations, mindfulness activities, energy healing processes and fun guided activities a strategy which works at the mind and personality level of young mind is delivered. The wellness programs helps in children in improved concentration, focus and attention and additionally on emotional progression, improved social interaction capabilities, consciousness evolution and creative energy development in young children.  

We at Mind Scan® understand the issues which are encountered like lack of expression, inferiority complex, academic pressure (parental/friends/society), lack of confidence, lack of emotional management especially in teenagers, illusion regarding sex/lack of sex education, self-harm/harm to others and we structure the needs. Our programs are uniquely structured for:-

  1. Teacher/Facilitators/Academicians
  2. Children
  3. Children with special needs (6years-18years)


Mindfulness Training Program designed for Teachers/Coaches/Guides/Academicians will support to handle children well and aids in self-empowerment.

Exclusively in-built techniques in areas of Stress Management, Vision Building for Teachers, Energy Balancing, and Gratitude will endow positive outcomes.


We tailor our program to budding minds, with evolving and Zen way with simple breathing exercises, gratitude club activities, forgiveness activities, creative writing, fun with colors, and Wisdom from the animal world. These can be inculcated in daily routine and in understanding their own strengths and abilities becomes easy. With psychological tools, we work and identify children’s immediate areas, thus educating & equipping the teachers and parents to bridge the gaps with simple techniques.


The current generation of children, adults and youths are highly influenced by technology, have a dependency on games/social media, and overspending time on mobiles has become a problem of concern.

We at Mind Scan® work on Open-Mind Healing Programs and counselling, through which dormant mind becomes active and productive. Children/Adults/Youth having constraints with thinking or who are affected by slow comprehension and learning abilities receive benefits. Intelligence and creativity abilities get enhanced. Self-sabotaging and Addictive habits are worked upon, leading to positive shifts in lifestyles and behavior patterns.

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