Dr. PAM|Prameela Sreemangalam|Owner of Mindscan|Psychotherapist

Books and decks written and created by Dr.Pam
continue to touch thousands of lives and their families.


The Quintessence of Enlightenment takes you through journey of 12 learning principles from Zen Masters to live an organic, purpose-driven, and peaceful life originating from an inner, evolved Zen state. Seikastu, is a simple philosophy which leads one to find reason for their existence, whilst helping them to open up to the unspoken stories within.

It introduces the reader into a state and approach of Zen Mindfulness, thus guiding and helping them to master their mind through the practice of mindfulness activities. Each lesson, activity and checklist empowers Corporates, Corporate leaders, institutions, organisation and professionals to have balance life with positive mindset and outlook.

Empowering Mind

This book is unique blend unlocking innate potential through life and soul lessons through 22 affirmations and lessons focusing to break free from the influence of past experiences and transcend limitations. This deck helps to understand, analyse and resolve negative thoughts patterns and experiences with powerful affirmations, wisdom and insights.

A Tryst with Human Mind

We are all connected on a divine journey…a journey meant for spiritual growth and evolution! Are you curios about your existence in this physical plane? Have you experienced unresolvable conflicts in your life and thought where it came from?
Do you believe that your journey is beyond this life?
Do you know that your mind has the knowledge of all your existences and it has the power to resolve the blocks?
And the help always comes from beyond; all you need to do is ‘ASK’! Dive into internal journey from your mind.

The Life Al Kimia

A Mystical Called Life The mystic land of Kalibangan spread a long way, waiting for him in centuries of time passing by. Sikander was the son of this land! And the mystic land had it’s strange ways of calling him. Through the fortunes of time, destiny’s call was made to settle his then accumulated debts.
As Sikander took this trip, the Mystics of time got him connected with the people from his past, who he knew so well. Until a million of years ago, the land disappeared into the mystic realms of the molten universe, now the extinct ancient Harappa. What Next ? Have an awesome read through the astounding journey of life with Sikander!

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